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Glass Filled Nylon Fill Hangers
The Labor Saver!

Six Years of Testing, Design Improvements and Site
Installations! Two Million Installed and Zero Failures!
We certify all material used for the hangers to
manufacturer's specifications for Tensile Strength
(Most Important), Flex Modules & Izod...!!!
Glass Filled Nylon
Although we do not publish the full test results of
competitors' hangers, PVC coated, Stainless
Steel nor any other plastic hangers, test results
proved that RVP Glass Filled Hangers have twice
the tensile strength!

Test results from an independent laboratory recorded
the tensile strength of RVP hangers to be 900 lbs.

Glass Filled Nylon is an engineered resin that is
formulated for uses exactly like the applications
of fill hangers.  In fact, virtually all parts of a
submersible pump are Glass Filled Nylon and the
majority of parts under the hood of a car are
Glass Filled Nylon as well as most of the plastic
parts that deal with the electrical system and the
top of the radiator and radiator plug.

We have never had a part fail in the field!
Custom Notching
All RVP hangers can be custom notched left, right and
center to reduce on labor time and costs in the field.
Full test results report from Dallas
Laboratories, Inc. available upon
request in PDF format.
RVP GF Nylon Hangers
Installation Sites

5 Years
Bonanza Power Plant, Vernal UT
Dynergy LA (Over 25,000 2'X3' Hangers Assembled
2'X18' & 2’X12’ while only supported at the top)

3-5 Years
South Mississippi Electric, MS
USTA Thermal Plant, TX
Prairie Pride, MO
Loop Station, AZ
Chano Plant, NM
Nucor Sheet Mill, AR
Washington County, AL

Other Installations
NASA, Houston TX
North Dakota (Over 34,000 Hangers)
Installation in 20 States & 3 Continents

Past & Current Customers
Cooling Tower Maintenance
Midwest Tower
International Cooling Towers

Over 2 million Hangers Installed With No Failures!
130°F - -30°F Glass Filled Nylon Will Do The Job!

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